Another Suicide Jumper at 96th & Broadway

Dear Subway Blogger,

Last night around 11:30 a man jumped in front of the 23 uptown at 96th street.  I was in the first car and it was really awful.  The train conductor confirmed that it was a jumper; she said “he was facing the other direction; he just whirled around and jumped.”  It was such a horrible experience, and they let us off the train before the medics even arrived, and I did not stick around to see any more.

Well, I did find some details. 

Emergency radio records show that the transit PD did call in that a person was under the train at 96th and Broadway.  One person was “Aided removed in traumatic cardiac arrest.”  I assume that was the jumper.

Two more ambulances were requested because there were 4 more patients.  I assume that the train may have made a sudden stop and that people fell down.  I doubt there were more people on the tracks unless someone was hurt trying to rescue the jumper.

So traumatic cardiac arrest is not something that a patient typically bounces back from.

4 thoughts on “Another Suicide Jumper at 96th & Broadway

  1. I was on surface trains twice when there was a fatality and they took a long time (hours) to get people off the train. They had to actually complete the police investigation and then medically clean the train and then proceed with a new train crew. One other time a kid put a lifelike dummy on the tracks and the brakeman stopped the train in time but he just freaked out and had to be replaced. He had had a prior incident. I personally believe this is mainly due to the number of Schizophrenia patients that are treated as outpatients. It’s worse when they grab someone and push them.


  2. any information on a subway death december 26 2007 in brooklyn on the ‘L’ line….I think it was brownsville or east new york area?


  3. Anyone know anything about what happened on October 30th at the Newkirk stop in Brooklyn? I was there but I know nothing about the victim, whether it was an accident or a suicide attempt, and whether she survived. All I know is what others were saying. Supposedly a woman jumped in from of the train. I could hear her after the train stopped, but I’m not certain if she survived. Anybody know anything?


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