Snow and Deja Vu

So apparently today’s snow was the most snow the city has seen in two years. For some reason, that makes it sound like some massive amount of snow…as if it were a blizzard or something.

The truth is we just haven’t had much snow at all in the last few years. This year has been a joke. Anyway, in celebration of the snowfall, the MTA has suspended track work for the weekend.

In other news, I had a very odd thing happen to me today. I rode the exact same train, exact same car both to and from work today.

Just by chance, I noticed a Dr. Zizmor ad on the subway that had been defaced to say Dr. Douchebag. It stuck in my head because it gave me a little chuckle. Honestly, who goes to a doctor that advertises on the subway? That’s a top 10 trashy thing to do. If you need more details, this clown has a Wikipedia entry. I’m not linking to it because you can find it on your own.

Anyway, this afternoon, I got on the train to go home, and saw the exact same Dr. Douchebag ad! I was on the same train, same car, and standing in the exact same place as this morning.

That’s never happened to me before, at least that I’ve noticed.

10 thoughts on “Snow and Deja Vu

  1. If I ever have my camera on me in the subway, I’ll try to snap his ad. He is in serious need of a proofreader because there are a whole lot of punctuation issues going on there.


  2. geez, a true subway nerd would note the CAR NUMBER of each ride, like I need to look fors the ads of sketchy derm burners…


  3. I absolutely love to see commercial noise and visual pollution defaced, if not always quite so crudely. Just saw one for some epic battle movie (# IV) or something, along the platform for the southbound A train at Dyckman, and someone had added, in a way that fit the opening blurb, “… and another way over-budget flop!” or words to that effect. Made me laugh out loud. The BLF Lives! billboardliberationDOTcom


  4. I also think I’m going to start carrying a little metallic magic marker/paint pen, and give that obnoxious Creflo Dollar “prosperity gospel” huckster a gold toof or two every time I see one of those repulsive subway ad’s.


  5. I have also experienced riding on the same train to and from school once before that I can recall.

    I remember those Dr Zizmor TV commercials back in the day when I was a kid I dont think I have noticed the subway ads.


  6. LOL!!! That’s certainly happened to me before (same car and everything). I would guess 3 or 4 times in my life so far (27 y/o). The graffiti and/or scratchitti were giveaways in two instances. Other times, the ad or black gum stains.

    Ha! Dr. Zizmor. Funny how his picture never changes. Hasn’t aged a bit! Yeah right. Though the ad is slightly different now.


  7. Funny thing is, I knew who dr. zizmor was as soon as I read this, well at least that he’s the “acne free!” doctor, so I did Wikipedia him just to check and sure enough I was right.
    And I believe I’ve been on the same car before, just not the same day, but it’s interesting to notice little things that stick in your memory.


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