Subway Idol Auditions

The New York Times has really stepped up its online video mojo.  I haven’t looked at any of their vids in a long time, but today one caught my eye called “Subway Idol.”

It is a very well produced story or mini documentary about a musician auditioning for Music Under New York, a program that funds and supports subway musicians.  Personally, I think it would have been in the MTA’s best interest to give SUBWAYblogger a shout about the auditions for a little publicity, but that’s just me.

The program itself has been around for a few years now and has grown to receive over 50 auditions, held in Grand Central Terminal.

Watch the video here.  Very interesting if you are a subway music fan.

2 thoughts on “Subway Idol Auditions

  1. This is such a great blog!

    Love the subway culture. I actually read about the auditions on another favorit subway blog of mine –
    You might have run into her in the subway sometime.

    I thought the lady with the cello was wild.
    Thank you for all the info – I’m going to read about the N train derailment now… scary.


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