5 thoughts on “And I thought I had issues

  1. The only problem with that (wonderfully OCD) diagram analysis is that they only analyze ONE kind of subway train. That, in my opinion, is the easiest train to analyze (what a cop out…I joke). But seriously, we need to transfer a similar strategy to other trains, like the 4/5/6 (LOVE the new ones on that line) and the 2/3 (hate. loathe. etc.).


  2. thanks for posting this. i liked his analysis and graphics. i don’t have time to do that but i’m glad someone out there is dedicated enough to do so, not if only if can do that for the NYC MTA trains and buses.


  3. Thanks for all of your kind words (jokes included) 🙂 I can’t say this was pure dedication — it was really just years of thinking about the same thing as I had to endure my daily commutes. I finally couldn’t handle it all just sitting in my mind anymore. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one in the world who ponders about these issues!

    I’d love to see what people around the world think of their own city transit systems.



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