Most Infuriating MTA Official Comments EVER!

David Mack (MTA vice chairman) stop being a dick.

David MackMack:

“If you [the average rider] saw something and called it in, it goes right there,” Mack told reporters at a committee meeting, kicking a garbage can.

“Why should I ride [the train] and inconvenience myself when I can ride in a car?” asked Mack, who has six free E-ZPasses. [New York Post]

In case you haven’t been following, the MTA Board is having a hissyfit because they are going to have their lifetime E-ZPasses and train passes taken away. Mack has SIX free E-ZPasses. However, he now claims to be paying them himself while behind the scenes trying to get board members to fight the proposed ruling.

Keep in mind folks, these jerks are multimillionaires who don’t want to pony up the money.

So his belief is that unless the trains are free, the board members won’t bother to ride…which relates back to his first quote.

The board members need to ride the train because, generally speaking, it is only the board members who get their complaints handled. When you and I report a problem, our complaints are ignored.

5 thoughts on “Most Infuriating MTA Official Comments EVER!

  1. I have another reason he shouldn’t ride the subways. All of us angry daily commuters who now want to punch him in the face might make his ride a little rough!


  2. Is he referring to the “See something, say something” campaign? If so, how does that relate to EasyPasses?


  3. He was making a bad joke.

    Basically, he thinks that if people call in to report something being broken, damaged, dirty, etc, the MTA ignores it. But when board members call it in,stuff gets fixed.


  4. Re: M.T.A. Vice Chairman Mr. David Mack’s recent comments.

    Mr.David Mack and M.T.A.Chairman Mr. Dale Hemmerdinger are out of touch with reality, these people are born with platium spoons in their mouths and don’t know what’s it’s like to live on the otherside of the coin.

    They believe that they are entitled to everything such as hugh salaries, incentives and police permit placards and they know they will get it but they refuse to tackel the real problems such as the subways falling apart and how unsafe they are for riders etc.

    Mr.Mack’s recent statement and I quote “Riders complaints to M.T.A. staff are tossed in the trash”, why am I not suprise by this statement, it explaines so much as to why the subways are so dirty and disgusting and why so many people get hurt and /or killed.

    Are you aware that M.T.A. Chairman Mr. Dale Hemmerdinger owns a company called “ATCO” located at 555 5th avenue, New York, N.Y. everyone should bombard him with all your complaints and suggestions on how to improve the subway’s and railway system and also speak your mind about M.T.A Vice Chairman Mr. David Mack comments, maybe if we all bombard him with so much mail than maybe things will get done the rights?

    I hope everyone drives them crazy that they will finally listen to all the subway and rail riders.

    speak your minds, it’s your money.

    Thank You.


    Paul Priore
    (Flushing, N.Y.)


  5. Mr Mack is not all he apears..maybe im just venting but forclosing on me was not what I would have expected from my ex wifes uncle…I would like to find the forum to tell me story…


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