Thanks for the reminder, Hopstop

Got this email yesterday…


I work for Hopstop and I’m a fan of your site. I’ve noticed you haven’t posted an entry about Hopstop in a while. Hopstop has recently acquired partnerships with Duane Reade and NY Magazine. We’ve also been featured on ABC News…

I would love for you to write another post regarding Hopstop’s growing popularity.


Name Removed to protect the intern that sent this (per her request)
Hopstop Inc.


I guess it has been a while.  Have a feeling this will hold me over for quite a while now.

6 thoughts on “Thanks for the reminder, Hopstop

  1. Don’t forget that it’s also Mobile friendly!

    You want to log on the regular web site and create an account so you can save places you frequent regularly to your Address Book.

    Then, you can access it from a Mobile device using the URL
    and get directions on your Mobile device when you need them!


  2. Hey SUBWAYblogger – very funny… I get it and don’t mind the ribbing.

    Just want to make sure everyone knows that my post is NOT a shameless promo. I have no association with, nor receive ANYTHING for posting my comment – just a post from someone who uses the site and appreciates how well it’s done.


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