Expanding SUBWAYblogger?

So we have been kicking around the idea of expanding SUBWAYblogger to include other cities around the country and around the world.  However, we would keep each city separate.

SUBWAYblogger.com would remain the New York City portal.  However we would create additional subsites.  For example:


In essence, a network of SUBWAYblogger sites would be created, but you wouldn’t lose your local flavor.

There are some challenges, mostly having to do with money.  We wouldn’t be able to pay someone to run the other sites from a content point of view.  However, we could easily provide all of the hosting, technical space, coding, etc.

So we would probably want to find existing subway sites to absorb into SUBWAYblogger.  The publisher could still have complete control over content and advertisement revenue.

It would be nice to find, for example, some Blogger.com sites that wanted to make the jump to WordPress and become a more legit player in the space.

Perhaps the idea is a bit too ambitious.

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