No More Free Ride (or Drive) for MTA Board Members

The MTA vowed today to end the policy of allowing MTA board members to have free E-ZPasses and train fares for personal use.

However, it seems that they may still get a free ride if on official MTA business.  However, that seems to be a bit much in my mind.  They should have to pay out of pocket for that too.  If I am on official company business, I don’t get to ride for free.  I can expense the ticket and get reimbursed from my company.  However, the company is a private entity spending it’s own money.  The MTA is a publicly funded organization using our tax dollars.

And they should have to feel every penny of the decisions that they make.  So if they want to increase fares and tolls, they should feel the financial burden just like the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Former MTA board member Warren Dolny has assumed the roll of uber a-hole.

“There’s only 34 of us. That’s all there are. How many years is that gonna go? How many total dollars is it according to the budget? You heard the amount of moneys that are being spent. You know what the budget of the MTA is. What does this amount to? One tenth of one tenth of one tenth of one percent? It’s like a postage stamp on a football field,” said Dolny.  [WCBS TV]

I think he completely misses the point from high atop his pedestal.  It isn’t about the cash savings.  It’s the principle that in times where New Yorkers are being asked to pay more for public transportation, the very same organization should not be giving free perks to their multimillionaire board members.

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