Lean On Your Best Friend

…for the $50 he owes you, but don’t lean on the subway car doors. It’s dangerous–and you block other people. We’re serious about safety. (But clearly not about our public safety ads)

The little nugget above is brought to you by the subway ad I am standing across from right now.

I think I may have seen this one before because the guy in the photo leaning on the door looks familiar. I don’t think I’ve ever read it though.


So just when you think the MTA’s ads couldn’t get any more lame, WHAM! There’s another one.

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8 thoughts on “Lean On Your Best Friend

  1. I’m fairly certain that one’s been up for about two years now! 🙂

    It’s right up there with the “run a marathon, run for office, but don’t run for our trains” one.


  2. It’s quite lame, I know in other systems (like the London tube) they have places on the doors to lean against and allow you to get out of the way when the doors open. On a packed train the door spots are both a pain to get around and a godsend when you need something to lean against and you don’t want it to be your neighbor.


  3. I’ve stopped leaning on doors because of that ad but the no running one doesn’t even register. There’s something instinctual about running to catch a train. The adrenaline blasts and normal people can run at superman speed.


  4. I have to stand by the door because I cant get a seat, because the african american males and the latin males packages are so freaking big, they have to sit with their legs splayed out.


  5. My package is pretty big too and I’m Italian white. When I forget and splay my legs out and start making people uncomfortable it only takes a look or someone asking me to move for me to tuck it back and close my legs.

    Everybody’s a jerk sometime, whatever the race.


  6. They are really not that big they just want people to think that. I put my legs out to reserve space that I don’t even need.


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