The Price of Being a Cheapskate Just Went Up

NYC Subway Turnstile

Ever thought of just jumping the turnstile when your Metrocard stopped working for some unknown reason?  You know you have plenty of cash/rides left on it, so it must be something wrong with the machine.  So screw it, just jump over and move on with your life.

Well, that little maneuver is going to cost you a lot more if you get caught.  The price of bouncing over the bar is now one-hundo ($100), and the new price kicked in Monday.

It used to cost you $60, but apparently that was too affordable for the homeless guys and neighborhood teens that just jump over without even a hesitation.  So upping it to $100 ought to do the trick.

They even have a special division of court that handles fare jumpers, called the Transit Adjudication Bureau.  Aka TAB.

5 thoughts on “The Price of Being a Cheapskate Just Went Up

  1. For any kid growing up in the City, fare jumping has had different meanings over the years. When I was a kid it was cool to jump fares and even cooler to get chased and get away. That was a long long time ago. But in the mid 90’s I think… during Gulliani time… it lead the way for “Quality of Life Crimes”. I believe it was the brainchild of “the Commish” Police Commissioner William J. Bratton. Anyway the cops found out if they put more plain clothes Transit cops near turnstiles and they busted fare jumpers in bigger numbers, they would also get a lot of convicted felons that violated parole or probation. They were right. They nabbed a huge amount of felons that had active warrants on them. So the lesson is Don’t Beat Turnstiles – it’s Totally Uncool now.


  2. A few years ago, my drunk friends and I were heading home on the subway and my one friend wasn’t from the area and didn’t have a subway card. So, my other friend told him to walk through the turnstile with her (two for the price of one). Yes, this is technically illegal, but it was late, no one was around, and we were drunk. However, as soon as they made it to the other side of the turnstile, there were two policemen waiting to greet them with a ticket each. As I mentioned, I recognized that what they were doing was illegal, but isn’t it the job of the police to PREVENT crimes from happening? The police could have just as easily told my friends not to do it because surely they heard them plotting, but instead they let them do the crime just so they could give them tickets. Not an effective system.


  3. They nabbed a huge amount of felons that had active warrants on them

    I heard the ‘no walking between cars’ enforcement yielded similar results.


  4. @Subwaygal

    Well, no. I mean that’s the whole idea behind speeding tickets. They wait for you to go over the limit, then pull your ass over.

    Same with drug/prostitution stings. They set you up. They wait for you to buy dope off an undercover agent, then arrest you.

    The fare jumping message sets in a little harder if you have to pay a penalty.


  5. this happened to us just today when one of my friends lost her card she followed behind one of my other friends. do they mail the ticket to your house?


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