Subway Security Bag Checks are Optional

In case you get stopped by an officer to search your bag on the subway (chances are extremely low), just keep in mind that letting them check is completely optional.  You don’t have to let NYPD officers go through your bag.  It’s totally up to you.  All the police can do is refuse to allow you on the train.

I always knew that…hell it says so right on the sign they have at the table.  However, I never really thought about it that much until I read this from a SUBWAYblogger commenter.

So if a terrorist were to get stopped for an inspection, all they would have to do is say no, and get on the train somewhere else.

Kinda scary.

7 thoughts on “Subway Security Bag Checks are Optional

  1. kinda scary?? More like kinda refreshing that the nypd has not forgotten about a little thing called the 4th amendment


  2. I’m actually in the middle of working out how to let people request a few post cards to put around themselves. I’m also working on a new post card that educates a little bit more about how “security theater” hurts more then it helps. The text of the current card comes from which is run by the ACLU.

    Glad you liked it, and thank you for linking to it. I’ll let you know when they’ll be available for request. =)


  3. It’s not that they remember our rights, they’re bound to honor them by our highest laws. I don’t want people who are justifiably scared to think it’s OK to give up our rights in exchange for for security. Especially when it’s it’s more security theater then it is real security.


  4. I had no idea I could refuse being searched. Thanks you for posting this.

    I also never would’ve agreed with this anti-search conversation before I read “Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow. Now I completely agree. Thanks for info Francis!


  5. Yeah, I’m with your other commenters, here.

    It scares me more that the police would presume to search my person or property without a warrant or justification.

    Of course, talking to the police at all can be extremely dangerous.


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