L and 7 Trains Earn Top Marks

The ranking details 2008.
The ranking details 2008.

According to the Straphangers Campaign, the L and 7 train lines are the best overall lines this year.

Lines were ranked on:

– Frequency of Trains
– Reliability of Service
– Breakdown Rate
– Seat Availability
– Interior Cleanliness
– Clarity of Announcements

The 7 train struggled a little bit on breakdown rate and cleanlines

s while there are apparently never seats on the L train.  Overall, they both offered superior service.

Interestingly, they are both part of the line manager program.  These lines were selected to be part of a test program because they don’t share their tracks with other lines.  The program assigns top level managers to run all operations associated with a specific line.  That includes everything from train maintenance to platform trash pick up.

So far, the test program is working.

5 thoughts on “L and 7 Trains Earn Top Marks

  1. Good to hear the L train is ranking higher than this time last year. I ride the L everyday and its great. Fast, and leads to Union Sq. Its always clean too. Last summer there was some construction going on, and that line got lots of heat. Things are better now.

    Nice blog you have going here.


  2. I’ve taken the L train a few times. They are pretty clean. I can’t remember if seat availability was an issue though.

    And I’m not surprised that the E ranked terribly. I’m on that train almost every day and they come quickly, but that’s the best thing. They get packed like sardines once you get to about Roosevelt Ave. That’s when there’s a chance of it smelling too.

    All right, MTA. You got two lines down pack. Let’s get the other 20 up to par as well!


  3. What do you mean a “chance” of the E smelling? The E *always* reeks! Its by far the worst train in the entire MTA. That’s why I stopped taking it from Forest Hills to 14th st every day and am instead now taking the LIRR for most of the trip.

    In addition, the E is almost ***NEVER*** ventilated, they STILL have the space heaters under the seats turned up on a lot of them in late July, and it is the garbage train at night (if you get on early in the morning sometimes there is a can or two they left behind).


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