Escalators: Walk on the Left, Stand on the Right

If you miraculously find a working escalator somewhere in the New York City subway system…

1) Alert us immediately.  They are, in fact, an endangered species
2) Walk on the left side, and stand on the right.  Don’t be a dick and stand in the middle, or next to your girlfriend.

Folks, it’s a simple concept.  If you’re feeling a little lazy, had a rough night, have a bum leg, whatever…stand on the right side of the escalator.  Allow those of us that would like to walk on the left side to pass you.

If you want to ride all the way from top to bottom, no problem  Knock yourself out.  Just keep right.

Don’t believe me?  Tomorrow morning, get on the busy escalator and stand still on the left side.  Half way up, turn around and look behind you.  Be careful, you might get smacked.

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3 thoughts on “Escalators: Walk on the Left, Stand on the Right

  1. I’ve recently moved from the NYC area to Chicago, where this concept is completely unknown. Stand on the left, right, middle, whatever. Someone wants to walk? Too bad! It’s crazy to me. Considering Chicago has a very extensive public transit system, you would think these people would have a clue. Trust me, they don’t. Other things that have bugged me: If you know your station is coming up, get near the door. If 5 or 6 or 7 people have managed to enter the car, you have waited too long to leave. Now everyone has to shuffle around to let you off! And how about this – Let People Off! People stand right in front of the door (even on random weekend afternoons when the whole car is empty), and then no one can get in our out. Crazy…


  2. @Heather Hope: As for getting near the door, that can go either way. Some people try to make their way to the door while the train is still moving. When it is super crowded, where do you expect people to go while the train is still moving? Just sit tight until the train gets to the station.


  3. Hey Subway blogger, a little FYI for you…. I take the 4 or 5 to 59th, and the escalator works! Head to the back of the train and the platform will take you up one platform.


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