Yankee Stadium Closing Breaks out Nostalgia Train

Tonight marks the closing of the “House that Ruth Built” up in the Bronx.  To help celebrate, the MTA rolled out the nostalgia train.

The four-car “Nostalgia Special” is scheduled to leave Grand Central-42nd Street at approximately 6 p.m., arriving at 161st Street-Yankee Stadium about 30 minutes later. The cars, originally operated by the Interborough Rapid Transit system, began service in 1917 and it is possible that at least one of them carried fans to the game on the first opening day. WCBS

In all likelihood, very few major Yankee fans took the nostalgia train to the game.  The stadium opened today at 3pm.  Fans were there insanely early today for the experience.  Getting to the stadium at around 6:40ish would probably be later than most fans wanted to be there.

2 thoughts on “Yankee Stadium Closing Breaks out Nostalgia Train

  1. That was a nice thought on the part of the MTA. You know they got their money’s worth with free advertising. But like all old trains, lots of people are going to open the windows and it’s going to be freakishly loud in there. I think they should ask people to not open them if the ventilation is working on the cars.


  2. @CD Junior:
    What ventilation is there besides the open windows? The tiny vents in the ceiling? No, the open windows are a crucial part of the ventilation plan. They must be open.

    And the freakishly loud noise is half the fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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