FREE Ads on SUBWAYblogger are Back

Continuing our very popular monthly offer, free banner ads on SUBWAYblogger are back.  Yup, just plain free.  Seriously.

What’s the catch?  There isn’t one.  You never have to pay for anything.  Just order the free ad, and that’s it.  I know it sounds like a scam, but it really isn’t.

Get a week long banner ad in our left RIGHT sidebar (premium space!).  You can pick any 7 days you like.

If you are interested, just send an email to:

free [[at]]

You’ll get an email back with instructions within 5 minutes or less.  If it takes longer than that, check your SPAM folder.  It might have been caught in your filter.

And if you are interested in advertising on other New York City blogs, check out the NYC Blogger Network.

2 thoughts on “FREE Ads on SUBWAYblogger are Back

  1. I just sent an email to take you up on your offer but I’m guessing the ad will appear in the right sidebar and not the left? Or do you mean it would be our left if we were facing the back of the subway car? 😉


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