The AC Turned Off Early?

I feel like the air conditioning on a lot of subway trains was turned off too early.

Honestly, I have no idea how the AC works on the trains.  Don’t know if there is a thermostat or what, but I feel like the AC was cut.  Seems to happen every year.

There was a bit of a cold snap a week ago, so there wasn’t much need for too much AC.  So I think it was cut off on many trains.  Then late last week, it warmed up again, but the AC wasn’t turned back on.

It really gets oppressively hot when theirs no air on the trains.  The heat is one thing, but then it feels like the oxygen in the air is getting thing.  Kind of a panic situation if you are at all claustrophobic.

3 thoughts on “The AC Turned Off Early?

  1. I totally agree. One small cold snap and the AC on the trains stay off way too long. The other day I actually asked a conductor if the air was broken or something and he obliged and turned it on. Sometimes I think all you have to do is ask.


  2. It’s either on a warm day there is never any a/c on a particular train or in certain cars or if it’s on and it’s turned up to the max people are complaining that its too cold. Then there are the trains with ac but its on so low that whatever sweat you came on the train with is still there throughout the whole ride and its worse when too many passengers pack in there with you . Now you were in a train car that had no ac, it was shut off or it was out of order and you were uncomfortable because it was warm outside. (How do you know the entire train had no ac?) Did you try moving to another car to see it the ac is working in there? I am on the trains 8 hours a day, on all the different lines, not counting the trains I use to go to and from work and I can tell you there was only one train today that I know the ac was not on at, it was an F Train.


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