New MTA Security Ads

Oh the “See Something, Say Something” lameness continues.  The MTA has some new security ads out.

We took the three of them and strung them together.  They show unattended bags, with no voiceover.  Then shows the tip line phone number.  That’s it.  For some reason, the sound didn’t work when I put them together.  Just imagine the sounds of the subway.

So yeah.  I’m hoping they had interns make these, and didn’t actually pay anyone to make them.  What a joke.

2 thoughts on “New MTA Security Ads

  1. Trains were blown up in the UK, in Spain, India, Pakistan, Japan and it seems like a matter of time before the dirt bags hit us. I remember a couple times on the F train right after 9-11 when someone left a backpack or a bag on a subway car and caused a passenger freakout and nearly fistfights. With something as important as getting strap hangers used to looking for abandoned packages they better do this right.


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