More Train Wraps Spotted

By now, most midtown subway riders have heard of, if not seen, the Times Square Shuttle train’s full train wrap (above) for Cities of the Underground.

However, today I saw the first external train ads on other lines.  As part of this History Channel deal, there are two foot tall long ads for the series running on the outside of 1, 3, 4, and 7 trains.  I saw it on a 3 train today, but it pulled way before I could snap a pic.

So since I couldn’t get a picture of the 3 train in question, I present to you another fascinating SUBWAYblogger illustration.

As you can see above, the trains have this 2 foot tall “frame” that runs along the side of them.  They’re perfect for these self adhesive vinyl ads.

Anyway, the History Channel will have these running on trains for quite a while.  Wonder who will be next?

I think Subway (sandwiches) should buy trains and have giant 6 foot subs running down the sides.

3 thoughts on “More Train Wraps Spotted

  1. When the light rail system was first announced here in AZ, they said that “no” advertising would be on the trains. (inside, outside or at the stations) Rumors have already begun that a “wrap” is being discussed.
    Love your idea of Subway advertising in NY. 🙂


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