Slightly Embarrassing Turnstile Moment

I’m going to open myself up to a ton of criticism here, because I’m sure I probably made fun of someone for this at some point in the past.  Here we go anyway…

So I got a new work bag to carry my laptop and whatnot.  My other one started to rip where the shoulder strap attached to the bag itself.  Loved that bag, but after 4 years, it had served its useful life.

I bought a new one that arrived on Friday.  It’s really nice and I love it.  For what I paid, I better love it.

It’s professional gear.  Really high quality and durable because I definitely beat the crap out of my work bags.  So I don’t mind making a hefty investment in one that will last.

Anyway, it is a bit more ridged than my last one.  It has more structure, so it doesn’t squish what’s inside.

Just for reference (and you’ll see why in a moment) it is a single shoulder carry case that hangs down next to your hip.  You see hundreds of similar bags every day of your life.

So I go to swipe through the turnstile as usual.  Unfortunately, I got stuck.  Yeah I know, stuck.

My new bag is about an inch too wide to fit through the turnstile perpendicularly.  So I got half way through and got jammed.  I had to take the shoulder strap off, turn around, and pop my bag out.

It was suspended in mid air because it was wedged between the left and right side of the turnstile.  Oops.  Wide load coming through.

So now I have to consciously remember to turn it parallel each time I go though.  It’s gonna take a while to get used to.  I’m sure I will look like an idiot a few more times before I really remember.

2 thoughts on “Slightly Embarrassing Turnstile Moment

  1. The thing is when you learn the hard way you definitely remember. What is really bad is when you see someone getting one of those narrow baby strollers stuck in a turnstyle. That is when DYFS should get involved. The same people that get stuck in turnstiles with babies are the ones that keep babies in the carriages going up and down escalators. If we had loads of tv cameras in the subways like they do in London and all over China, we could save more kids.


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