Subway Gross

SUBWAYblogger readers seem to dig stories about the gross things that happen down in the subway.  I’m not sure, but I think most of you must be a little deranged.  It’s cool though, we won’t judge.

So, here’s some of the grosses subway related photos.  I highly advise not looking at this while you are eating lunch.  Just take our word for it.

Click a each photo for the description…unless you can already tell what’s wrong.

Photo Credits:  Uno, Dos, Tres, Quatro

3 thoughts on “Subway Gross

  1. Sadly, I moved away—to L.A., where once I lived (before being in NY many years earlier)—and no longer get to have the fun that the N, R and L as well as midtown trains provided.
    Nevertheless, I have a great shot I caught right after one guy beat the snot and blood out of a “friend” at Whitehall, late one night (right before the N reverted to its 1980s express line) with the yellow-handled payphone handset at the south end of the Brooklyn-bound N/R. A pool of bright red blood that had not even begun to coagulate beneath the very payphone, that. I can send a copy.


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