5 thoughts on “Turnstile Foils Tourists

  1. I don’t like those types of turnstiles. I prefer the ones that hit you on the thighs, simply because with those I have more control and I don’t have to break my neck worrying if I missed the signal. Once, I was on my way to school and had a student card. So, I swipe my card and what do u know…I dropped it and missed the green light. Luckily, my mom was on the other side (her luck) and handed me money to get a “regular” card. It angers me because if you use it once, they make you wait like 18 minutes until you can use it again.


  2. Anyone on the subway system for the first time, especially tourists should take some time, at least 10 minutes to just observe how people enter and exit the turnstiles. The high wheels are the ones that people usually screw up on, I still can not to this day comprehend why a lot of passengers grab on to the left bar and pull to the right instead of simply entering on the right without having to pull on anything. We ask passengers, are you a leftie?, why are you doing that? They end up losing their fare unless we can stop them in time, sometimes they can’t even speak or understand English and that is a big problem. We have to yell at them at times, sometimes you have to run up to them to stop them and then give them a quick lesson on how to do it right and then get them through the service gate otherwise they are in trouble if there is no station agent for them to go to. If they have an unlimited card they are really supposed to wait the 18 minutes because some agents, a lot more now, enforce the rules especially at high volume stations. You have to learn how to use the system correctly and not be in such a rush if you’re new at it.


  3. OMG… i had to stop watching. It was too painful. (but hysterical!)
    Our light rail here in Phoenix is set to debut in about a month. Fortunately (or unfortunately???) we won’t have any turnstile video to share with you. We’ll be on a honor system for fares.


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