Cold Outside, Hot in Subway

This transitional period is always tough when it comes to planning your outfits for the day.

The cold has finally started to come.  Yeah we had a quick cold snap earlier in the fall, but then it warmed back up again.  Now it seems to be finally settling in.

So when you are walking to the train, you’re all bundled up because it can get pretty nippy out.  Then as soon as you get underground you realize it is hot as b*lls.  You’ll just be standing still on the platform and break out in a sweat.

It all has to do with that two to three day turnaround SUBWAYblogger always talks about.  Once it is finally cold once and for all above ground, it takes about three days for it to cool down underground.  The opposite is also true in the spring.

So it’s SUBWAYblogger’s advice to wear things that you can easily peel off once you get to the subway, then put back on when you get to your stop.  Complicated coats with lots of buttons and fancy scarfs might need to wait a few more weeks.

Of course, if you’re over 65 years old, and have more than two grand children you’ve probably had your winter parka on for about 6 weeks already.  So these tips are not really for you.

Hat season?  We’re going with no.  Not yet.  Scarfs?  Ehhh maybe.  Gloves?  Suck it up you wuss.  Hat’s with ear flaps? Never ok.

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