Wish I could take the subway up state

So tonight I had to go rent a car for Thanksgiving travel.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know that every garage in my neighborhood was going to be filled to capacity.

Where the hell did all these cars come from?  There’s no room in the garages, and there’s no room to park on the streets.  I drove around for an hour before I found a space.  It’s insane.

Makes me glad I don’t actually own a car in the city.  I don’t know what I would do if I had to deal with this crap everyday.

Now if only we could get the subway to run up state, I’d be in much better shape.  Instead, I’ll be battling the girdlock alert day.

I did see bleachers set up along the parade route already.  They have a bunch right outside my work subway entrance.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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