Deal Drugs on the Subway?

Or at least discuss strategies.  Yikes.

There’s two fairly large, old men that ride the subway every morning.  I see them at least a couple times a month together.  They’re already on the train when I get on, so they must live further uptown.

They have really distinct old-man gravely voices, and are quite round in the middle.  They usually sit across from each other on the train and chat about old men issues.

Today, I was close enough to be able to understand what they were talking about.

Turns out, they are old men drug dealers.  Good to know that age is just a number.

One was talking about a client that wants more than he’s able to get.  They were talking about it in a somewhat cryptic way, but you knew what they were talking about.

“He keeps asking for four, but i can’t get him that many.”

“Why not? I thought you got six when you go up there.”


“So you keep the rest for personal use.”

“Yeah, and my guy won’t sell me more than that.”

“How much you sellin’ for?  $15?”

“Uh huh.”

“So here’s what you do, you tell him you can get six but you’re gonna have to make two trips.  When you come back, say you could only get three.  Then when he makes a fuss about it, tell him you have a fourth, but that’s it.”

“I don’t know.”

“Or you sell him three today, and three tomorrow.  Then you still have six left over for the next time.”

So it was a meeting of the minds to say the least.  They then got into a discussion about people buying on credit and not paying up.  Good times.

8 thoughts on “Deal Drugs on the Subway?

  1. I live in Spain and I see a lot of similar stuff. I think that when people of a certain age loose their job, maybe they didnt have a proper education, then its difficult to get back on track. Dealing drugs is an easy alternative for them. Then you could always discuss if they get into drugs because of their new job or if they start dealing drugs to cover their own expenses.


  2. Its funny how you always have some picture of drugdealers being young people, but two old guys? hehe who knew. I will sure take a closer look on the older men when i take the subway from now on…


  3. @The SUBWAYblogger:
    Don’t underestimate these guys with the gut, I have a friend who knows this fat old, ugly married guy in Borough Park who is buying levitra from someone in the neighborhood, in fact he begs for it a lot, he gets some for himself and also for his friends. He uses it when he’s with his girlfriend, a mexican lady who is also his employee. Picture those two at it and it would have to make anyone sick.


  4. It’s nice to know that you can find anything not only on the streets of NYC, but underground as well. That’s what NYC interesting (not good). Not all drugdealers are the stereotypical young, hip/hopped Teens-20 somethings you see elsewhere.


  5. Reading this makes me realize how cunning these people are. By the way, when I was a student in London, you could find a dealer on every corner 😀 kinda funny how this industry is getting bigger and bigger….hey guys, I have an idea: let’s make it legal and make them pay tax 😀


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