2 thoughts on “NYC Subway & Bus Fares Officially Increased

  1. Your headline is a bit misleading. The MTA Board has voted to adopt the new budget. They don’t vote on fare increases until March. Until then, if the City and/or state can come up with money, the fare increases won’t happen.


  2. @Ben K.: Point taken. But they did adopt a budget that will force a fare increase. The odds of them coming up with over a billion dollars by March is highly unlikely. The state wide budget deficit is insane all by itself.

    Taxes on soda and iPod downloads are literally being discussed by the Governor. So if you think they are going to fly in with a solution to keep the fare from increasing, you must be insanely optimistic. It is much easier for them to just say “suck it up.”

    However, you are correct that technically fares have not been increased just yet.


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