First MTA Budget Hearing – January 14th

The first of eight public hearings to discuss the proposed fare hikes and crossing tolls is coming up on January 14th at the Hilton right here in Manhattan.

Are any of you planning on attending?

I have a meeting during the hearing, so I don’t think I will be able to make it.  Wish I could.

If you are planning on attending, and you use Twitter, let SUBWAYblogger know by posting comment.  You can find SUBWAYblogger on Twitter already. We’ll post a link to your Twitter feed for live updates from the hearing.

Maybe you plan on live blogging it…we’ll link to that too.

One thought on “First MTA Budget Hearing – January 14th

  1. Assuming 7 million people pay $1 per day to use the subway and buses, in 100 days the MTA should collect $700 million. In 260 days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays) or 1 year the MTA collects $1.8 Trillion. How is the MTA using the $1.8 Trillion they collect each year?


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