Times Square Not So Crazy

Times Square Wishing Wall
Times Square Wishing Wall

Shockingly, the Times Square subway station was not really crowded at all today around 3pm when the area was being closed down for tonight’s festivities.

Generally speaking the Times Square subway station is always crowded in the middle of the way.  It gets even more so when there’s a major event going on up on street level.  It actually can get a little overwhelming.  If feels like a flowing river almost.  You get stuck in a mass of people moving one way, and you have to strategically move into the proper flow to get where you’re going.

But as always, even the worst weather never keeps the insane revelers away.  Even complete downpours won’t scare them off.  So a little cold and snow certainly won’t.

Sometimes I think how much money you could make selling flasks to people as they come out of the subway on New Year’s Eve.  Think about it.  You could probably get $20 per flask of rum or whiskey easily.  Just buy boxes of $5.00 flasks and cheap booze, and go to town selling.

Ehhh…I’ll stay in this year.

One thought on “Times Square Not So Crazy

  1. Can anyone guess just how many of these “insane revelers” must have pissed or shit themselves during the long 9 hour wait (providing they got to Times Square at about 3:00pm) because there were no portable potties at this grand event. There were millions of people there and the police are so worried about the terrorists attacking. If you had to leave the area for any reason you were not allowed back to where you were standing. And I don’t know if there were any open places in the area where you could go to the bathroom if you needed to, like McDonalds and the non-TA restroom facilities at the Times Square Station. They could never accomodate all those people and I would think they did not stay open that night. Thank God I was off that night!!!


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