“Sorry, I don’t know you.”

I witnessed a funny encounter today on the subway.

It was just a typical morning like usual.  The train was fairly crowded.

There was a girl sitting down and another girl standing in front of her with her iPod in reading a book.  The girl sitting down looked up, and with a somewhat puzzeled look on her face when she saw the other girl.

“Hey Stephanie,” the girl sitting down said.

She said it a few times because “Stephanie” didn’t hear her due to the iPod.  Finally, she did and popped out a an earbud.

“Sorry, I’m not Stephanie. She’s my sister.”

Turns out that this girl is an identical twin.  The girl sitting down works with the sister apparently.  That’s why she was so confused that this girl didn’t say hello when she was standing right in front of her.

The girl appologized laughed and apologized.  The twin said it was no problem and it happens all the time.

7 thoughts on ““Sorry, I don’t know you.”

  1. Too funny, but I guess things like that often happen on this world. I know indentical twins too, and it’s very hard to distinguishable them from another. Could be embarrassing if a boy confuses his girlfriend with her indentical twin sister 😉


  2. This happened to me once, too. I was in a grocery store when I bumped into what I thought was a co-worker. I couldn’t believe she didn’t recognize me! Then I found out she was my co-worker’s twin. She seemed quite annoyed by the whole encounter (or perhaps just because her sister hadn’t mentioned she was a twin!).


  3. same thing happened to me on a bus! i actually grabbed this guy’s sleeve and gave it a tug when he didn’t answer. i thought it was my former boss, who’d recently been fired. but it was his twin brother. work for a guy for two years and never hear that he’s a twin. sheesh.


  4. Indentical twins are really strange I believe. I remember, when I was in school a long time ago, I had identical twins in my classroom. I didn’t really like them because they were very nasty, and so poorly educated. Most time they argued in the classroom, and one twin wanted ever to be better than the other twin. I hated it.


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