It’s time for the city to get rid of 2007 and move on to 2008 like only we can.  It’s time for the shit-show known as New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
Ask any New Yorker that has been around here for a few years or more.  They’ll likely tell you the last place on earth [...]

It was recently brought out in the press that the MTA has spent $2.5 million to outfit all 3,500 of its token booth clerks with new uniforms.
At first glance, $2.5 million seems like an appropriate, ballpark figure. Then, you start to kick it around in your head a little. That’s just what the [...]

Subway Hottie

Posted on December 23rd, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Contribution, Video

This little gem contributed by SUBWAYblogger reader “M”:
Ugh.   Happy Holidays.
Submit your subway nonsense to submit [at]   

Well it is usually this time of the year that I run out of Christmas cheer.  It’s about this time that I am ready to kill people on the subway.
Most of it has to do with obnoxious tourists and their 25 shopping bags cramming into the train cars.
See if you can relate to this scenario.  [...]

Here’s an excerpt from a very interesting Op-Ed in the Times this morning that supports exactly that I believe:
To be effective and held accountable, managers of decentralized units require autonomy and authority, neither of which is possible within the city’s subway system. These managers will have to operate under the same civil service titles and [...]

Apparently, there were budget cuts in the Times Square signage office.  They were unable to afford shipping fees for the “8″ in 2008.
So, a crew of guys carried the 500 pound 8 onto the subway from the Bronx all the way to Times Square.  They took the 6 and R trains to get there.
Judging by [...]

No shocker here.  Jen at Gothamist attempted to join the MTA Webinar today.  Without any major surprise, there were technical issues that were not able to be solved.
Did anyone else attempt to attend?
Unfortunately, SUBWAYblogger had back-to-back meetings straight through lunch, so we were unable to login.  However, we were looking forward to taping the audio [...]

Haven’t been able to make it to any of the recent fare hike hearings?  Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.
Tomorrow night, you can participate in the next hearing, aka Public Engagement Workshop, from the comfort of your own home.  I suggest a you get a 6-pack, throw on your PJ pants, and dial in.  [...]

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