How messed up is this headline?

In a nut shell, a guy was killed yesterday when he was struck by a 2 train in the Bronx.  At this point, no one really knows what the hell he was doing on the tracks.  Sad..yes, but simple enough.  So what the hell is the Daily News doing with this story?

Here’s there headline:  Train wipes out young dad’s promising life

Umm…what the hell does him being a “young dad” have to do with anything?  Does that little tid-bit of info have anything to do with the story at all?  Nope.

But it gets better (or worse)…

Here’s the Daily News lead: 

A young Manhattan dad who grew up poor but recently graduated from college was struck and killed by a No. 2 train in the Bronx early yesterday, cops and family members said.

Is it me, or are they reeeeeeeeeeally digging for this one.  “A young Manhattan dad who grew up poor but recently graduated from college…”  Apparently the fact that he was hit and killed by a train wasn’t enough for the Daily News.  For some reason we first need to know that he is a father, young, poor, but a recent grad.  Ohh, by the way, he was hit by a train. 

We later learn that he was one of 14 children, so we guess that explains why he grew up poor.  Maybe if his parents stopped popping out kids, he would not have been poor, a young father, and later killed by a train?

Bottom line, so far the police and family have absolutely no idea how the guy ended up on the tracks.  So all we know is that he’s was found face down on the tracks.  So what is a newspaper to do with a story like that.  You can’t just write that a guy was found dead on the tracks and no one knows why?  In the mean time, we’ll just have to dig into the poor guy’s family life and history…cause that’s what we really wanted to know.

2 thoughts on “How messed up is this headline?

  1. I’d have to agree with Invader Stu. They were trying to find something to fill up their paragraph or page and since they didn’t have anything on the facts of his death, they went with facts about his life.


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