9/11/06 Starts off with a Commute Nightmare

Just as I was walking out of the apartment this morning, I heard the Penn Station is closed down. There is “police activity” on the Amtrack level of Penn Station. The LIRR and NJT traffic into and out of Penn has been suspened.

It is probably just a false alarm or precaution, but it certainly is not the way you want to start your day any day…let alone on 9/11.

I have no idea what that means for increased traffic on the subway, but I would imagine that it has at least some impact. People tend to jump over to the PATH trains to at least get themselves into the city. From there, you can at least get on the subway.

But guess what. You aren’t the only one who’s gonna think of that.

Ok: observation. There are a crapload more people riding today than normal. Every single station is pack full of people. This has to be all of the people who work downtown. You can’t get anywhere close to downtown today by car. Many of the main downtown avenues are closed because of the World Trade Center services today. Plus, President Bush is cruising around down there somewhere, so security is especially tight.

As a result, everyone opted for the subway over driving. Can’t say I blame them.

This can’t mean good things for this evening’s ride.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

 [UPDATE]  Penn Station is reopening and attempting to get back on schedule.

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