Nice and cool outside, still hot as hell in the subway

Just how long does it take for the subway system to cool off? It seems like it took about an hour for it to heat up to 1000 degrees. So what give? It should be able to cool down just as quick.

Fall is in the air though! Of course, we will have a freak, mini heatwave I’m sure.

Changing gears…

Foreign chics have some “interesting” style choices. I’m staning in the doorway with a couple girls…I think they are Italian. One, whoa ugly, has a tie-die Mickey Mouse tank top on with low rise jeans and while velcro shoes. The other girl has a pretty normal top on but the lowest rise jeans I think I’ve ever seen. I can see 90% of her hips. Any minute now I’m sure we’ll see the old landing strip. That’s how low these things are. She’s skinny as a rail so she can pull it off.

Ok wow, I’m surrounded by weirdness. Across from me is what I thought was a tall sk8ter guy. Long hair. Looks like a missing Hanson brother. Skinny too. However, now I am fairly certain I am seeing breasts. Not man boobies because this “person” is waaay to thin for them. Wow. Ok… That’s enough subway for today.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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