Primary day…go VOTE

Today is Primary Day in New York, so take a few seconds out of your day to vote. It isn’t that painful. Ok, now that our civil obligation has been met, on to the good stuff.

I am shooting 1 for 3 today. First, jumped right into the car with no air conditioning. I swear it is the same car every time. I’ll have to pay attention to the number when I get off.

Even though I got in the no-AC car, I managed to run out, down the platform, and on to the next car before we left the station. I was impressed with my athletic ability.

Unfortunately, I ran right into a car with smelly homeless guy asleep in it. Shoot me. That is a smell that lingers with you all day. You can feel it getting into your clothes and hair. GROSS.

I don’t know why he was still on the train. He was in blatent violation of the rules. Everyone knows that the homeless dudes sleep on the subway overnight. However, the all usually get off before the morning rush. This guy didn’t get the memo.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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