I found where all the broken AC went

I’ve made many posts where I mention that I’ve wound up on a car with no air conditioning. I’ve often wondered where the AC goes or why it isn’t functioning in those cars. Now, I have found the answer.

All of the missing AC is on the very car I am standing in right now. It has to be 40 degrees in here. It is down right freezing.

Have you ever been to “The Cold Room” at the Fairway up in Harlem? Basically, it is the biggest walk-in refrigerator you have ever seen. THAT is this car. You could easily store fresh meat in here for weeks.

I’m not really complaining. I do prefer a more brisk car than a hot, sweaty one. However, this may be pushing it slightly.

The subway air conditioning factory must have shipped the MTA a turbo model by mistake. Perhaps this company also makes the AC for the Super Dome, but they accidentally shipped it to NYC instead. Then, the city said, “What the hell, throw that S.O.B. on a subway, and get it the hell outta heeere.”

It could happen.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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