Fare hike and service cuts are shot down

The MTA Chairman, Peter Kalikow, says that he and staff will strongly oppose any fare hikes or service cuts. So that is good news for us. Hopefully, the money grubbing politicians will stay out of it and not force the proposal through.

“Now is simply not the time to reduce service to our commuters,” Kalikow said, pointing to the 36% increase in transit ridership during the past decade.

I wish I could say that the rider volume was lower today. I still believe they messed with the schedule because trains seem to be slightly less frequent.

The eastside gridlock issues should be pretty much over now. Unfortunately, I don’t think people know that. I think they assume that the streets would be closed all week, so they keep coming into the subway.

Yeah, this is definitley out of control. Right now, I feel like a sardine.  If this woman elbows me one more time, I might have to throw one back.

People act like this is the last train of the morning. If they don’t make it onto this one, they will have a meltdown. People, just wait for the next one. It will literally take 4 more minutes out of your life. Not the end of the world so GET A GRIP!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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