Return to normal? Uhhh nope

Conditions may be headed back in the right direction: improving. By that I mean there doesn’t seem to be a major surplus in riders. As I stand on the platform right now, it does not seem to be especially crowded.

However, it does seem to be taking forever for the train to get here. Speak of the devil…here it comes. PACKED! Aaaand there it goes. Without me on it. There were too many people on board already for me to even attempt getting on.

Of course, there were plenty of idiots who did. People will do everything short of crowd surf the people in the train.

“What’s that? One more? Sure! Jump on top…there’s plenty of room over the grab rails.”

I take back what I just said about it not being crowded. Since 4 people made it onto the last train, there are now twice as many people waiting here for the train.

OMG. They just announced that the next train is at 34th Street. That’s like 5 stops away still!

Alright, I’m going to have to get my game face on to make this next one. Gonna have to holster the Blackberry to I can claw my way on board.

You think if I get down like a lineman in the “ready possition,” people might get out of my way? Just a thought.

Almost had to trip an old man, but I made it. It took abou 12 tries for them to get the doors closed. I say after the 6th try, they should be allowed to say “screw it” and start rolling. What ever or whom ever is stuck in the door is simply out of luck. Sorry lady. Looks like that big ass Coach bag of yours just isn’t going to make it. Let’s roll!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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