Service cuts come early?

It is me or did the MTA juts decide to go ahead with the proposed service cuts anyway? This could be residual volume from the UN gridlocks, but I doubt it.

This week, there have been constant bottlenecks on the platforms. There are always waaaaaay more people waiting for the train than space will allow. You’ve got to wait 2 and sometimes 3 trains just to get on board.

Ohh snap…there’s the express train. Does anyone else have a sense of danger when you arrive at a station at the same time the express train across the platform arrives? You just know that a sea of people are about to slam into eachother. Tons of people from this train are about to make a dash for it so they can catch the express. Then people from the express are going to dive into this train. The entire exchange always has an air of panic around it.

I just hope grandma doesn’t get mowed down as she hobbles across the platform!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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