Not looking forward to the holiday rush


As I stand in this already over crowded subway car, I can’t help but dread the coming holiday rush. Starbucks has already rolled out the red coffee cups! So you know that means it is downhill from here.

Soon, the out of town shoppers will be here. They will start to invade the transit system. Just being there isn’t really the problem. I think most of us can handle the crowds. Instead, the problem is their complete lack of direction.

The out of town shoppers don’t normally ride the subway so they have no idea where to go. They can’t tell uptown from downtown…an express from a local. It is a nightmare all because they stop right in the middle of everything to figure out where they are going. They don’t know to squish together when the train is crowded. They walk 4 people wide down the halls at very slow paces.

All together it slows the entire system down. That is why I call on YOU to inform these people. Help tell them where to go so we can get things moving! Otherwise, we will all suffer.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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