Police seem to shut down stops more often

It seems lately that there have been more “because of a police investigation” announcements being made over the PA speakers lately. Everyday, there’s another station that is closed because od police activity. Sometimes, that ends up shutting down entire lines!

I’m all for being safe in the subway, but I hope the MTA police are actually doing something instead of just closing stations every time there is a suspicious situation.

The reason I question the activities of late are because there hasn’t been much attention in the press. Usually when the police make a big bust, they run for the cameras to talk about it. If there were a big police success, they would would want everyone to know about it.

Lately, the only police activity that is heard about outside the subway PA’s happens when the police are cleaning someones splattered ass of the tracks.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “Police seem to shut down stops more often

  1. I agree. Seems like at least once a week there is some kind of “investigation” that requires them to shut down an entire line. Chaos ensues.


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