L Train Slashing; Man Loses Pinky


In continuing coverage of the freaky crap happening in the subway lately, last night around 2am, a guy got slashed on the L train.

Apparently, some jackass guy with a beard started to taunt another rider.  “You lookin’ at me?”  Then the two got into it.   The poor 19 year old guy was just trying to mind his own business.

The attacker pulled a knife and cut off the kid’s pinky finger!  The kid also got slashed in the face and chest.  The hospital attempted to reattach the finger.

If I had to guess, it sounds like a crazy homeless guy.  I have been accosted by random crazy, smelly guys in the past.  The best thing is to ignore them usually.  In this case, it seems that wasn’t gonna “cut it”…excuse the cheap pun.

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