Subway pulls away with DOORS OPEN!

Subway Conductor

Holy crap, can you even think of anything more freaky on the train than that?  SUBWAYblogger would probably need a change of pants.

A Manhattan bound A train left the Grant Ave station with some of its doors open.  It gets so much crazier…

Ok, so some of the doors on the train were stuck open, and the conductor couldn’t get them to close.  So, he left his little control booth and started walking from car to car to see if he could see what was keeping the doors open.  All of a sudden, the train started to move!  Eventually, he intercomed up to the motorman, and the train stopped immediately.

Apparently, the little “Doors Closed” light illuminated on the motorman’s control board, so he thought it was ok to pull away.  That’s normally what happens when conductor closes the doors.  A little light goes on in the front of the train telling the motorman that it is clear to pull away. In this case, the conductor was still walking from car to car, and the doors obviously weren’t closed.

Note to self, no more leaning on the doors.

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