4 thoughts on “This is where I’d start pushing people on to the tracks

  1. I see that dude all the time (L station in Union Sq?). But usualy he’s not that, um, what the word I’m looking for? LIVELY. He just sits on his bag/bucket/whaterer and plays eastern european stuff on his acordeon. I think he’s Polish. He usualy looks like he’s about to die at any moment, so this is a big shocker for me to see him up and about.

    On that note, the chick in green looks a lot like my friend Barbs.
    It would be sad if you pushed her onto the track. She’s a greally cool person to be around. 😉

    Enjoying your blog immensely. 80% of the stuff I read about I can identify with. Boy, the stories I could tell you.



  2. Is he the one at 14th that has recently had the chick singing with him? He is OK. I prefer the black guys with the horns that were aroud earlier this week though. I actually took a video of them, then felt like a jackass and gave them a dollar.


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