What is that smell and get a haircut

First of all, what is that smell. More importantly WHO is that smell coming from. I know SUBWAYblogger just wrote about the smell in the subway, but this morning’s odor is pretty impressive.

Anyway, guys with ponytails look like idiots. Unless you are in an active rock band, you have no excuse, so go get a haircut. When you have to borrow an elastic from a girl, well, that’s just the stupidest thing ever.

Hey, a little shaggy top is ok. But if your ears are covered or have to keep flipping your bangs out of your eyes, there is a problem.

I have a question for Hispanic women. Do you find it attractive when your men have their hair pulled back, but then have their entire hairline shaved perfectly straight. You know, many Hispanic men obviously sit for hours with a razor to sculpt their bangs, side burns, and the rest of their hairline. Many of the men obviously went a little to far up! They shave off the widow’s peak or move their forehead’s hairline up a quarter inch.

Anyway, is that attractive to you? Maybe Hispanic ladies like it. In which case, it makes sense that the men would do it. Otherwise, don’t these guys look a little too…gay?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

One thought on “What is that smell and get a haircut

  1. It’s not really a Hispanic thing, it’s an urban thing. When I was in high school, and still around my neighborhood all the kids did it, black, white, and Hispanic. It’s either called a Shape-up or a fade, the rest of the hair is long but around the hairline, neckline, and side burns are cut and shaved a specific way. Most of the kids do it when that have braids or corn rows. The gotti kids are all about it. It’s an urban hairstyle really.

    I hate it though especially when they have long hair. And men who over do their eye brows bother me as well.


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