Is that bar really going to stop anyone


The bar that you push past in the subway turnstile…that’s just more of a suggestion huh. If you’ve ever paid slightly more that average attention to the subway entry process (SUBWAYblogger has), then you have probably seen people hop the bar.

It really is more of a suggestion, because who is going to stop you? No one. The only way you are going to get caught is if a police officer is watching. If they see you, you can count on getting a summons. Otherwise, nada.

SUBWAYblogger is NOT suggesting that everyone start dodging fares. Not by any means. It’s merely an observation.

Why don’t they put more of the “iron maiden” style gates in? I guess those cause more issues than they are worth. People always seem to mess up, and lose a fare with those.

Anyway, if they could perfect the system, they could phase out the bar style ones. Think of all the fare money the would be saving! People would be forced to pay. Plus, those 17 year old “kids” that parents swear are 12 years old would have to start paying.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

2 thoughts on “Is that bar really going to stop anyone

  1. In England we have these little doors that open for you when you put your ticket in it. However, people who want to get past for free just follow really close behind someone who has paid.


  2. Good thing that there’s some hardcore enforcement going on, then. I just moved here with a raft of other freshman, and a good 80% of my toll-hopping friends got tickets for well in excess of $50 from plainclothes officers, and now pay their fare every single time. Not to mention the effect that their bustage had on the rest of my friends and our collective decision to pay the two bucks.


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