Roger Toussaint: Back in Business


TWU President Roger Toussaint is back in business, taking on his third three-year-term as President of the Transit Worker’s Union.

And not a bad way to start his new term, coming of the recently settled labor contract dispute.  The dispute was placed under binding arbitration.  So in other words, the final decision of the arbitrator is enforceable by law.

Good for Toyssaint why?  Because regardless of the outcome, he had no direct control over it.  His team representing the union workers needed only to present their case.  In the end, he cannot be pinned for “giving in” to the MTA since the final decision is out of his hands.

Even if the new contract really sucks (turns out it is just like the first one proposed), that gives him something to spend three years fighting.  If the Union ends up loving the new contract, then he’s a hero.

Talk about a Win – Win.

(Photo by Lindsay Beyerstein)

One thought on “Roger Toussaint: Back in Business

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