Parents of kid killed by train while doing graffiti on tracks plan to sue MTA


This does not really qualify as a subway related post, but it is close enough because this is the crap that totally enrages SUBWAYblogger. Here’s the back story.

Ari Kraft was a 13 year old graffiti punk who was widely known for his talent. Yeah, we said it…punk. Sure, he was probably a nice enough kid, and word on the street was that he was a really talented artist. However, at the end of the day, he was a graffiti punk who went around illegally tagging walls. Ok, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he might have done it on walls with permission from time to time. But like most graffiti artists, he often tagged areas that were not legal, such as along the LIRR tracks.

Ok, so Kraft and a buddy were out the other day tagging walls along the tracks and taking pictures of their work. Unfortunately, the Kraft tried to cross the tracks, and was struck by at train. He narrowly missed one train, but was then struck and killed by one he did not see coming.

SUBWAYblogger is by no means happy that the kid died. It is truely unfortunate.

However, the parents have taken it to the “are you fucking kidding me” level. They now plan to sue the MTA because they did not maintain the fences along the tracks!

Family friend and attorney Daniella Levi said the family plans to sue the MTA, the LIRR and New York City once it finishes sitting shiva for the boy.  -NY Daily News

Are you kidding me?!?!?

They are going to sue the MTA because their kid, spray can in hand, found a hole in the fence, walked on to the tracks, tagged some walls, and got killed. How is that the MTA’s fault?

Here’s a thought Mom and Dad…maybe if you taught your kid that it was wrong to break the law, he would not have been on the tracks. Or maybe if you taught him it was wrong to tag property that did not belong to him, he would not have gone in the first place. The list goes on. This is the most ridiculous thing SUBWAYblogger has ever heard of.

If the MTA loses or settles, they should take the family to civil court and sue them for trespassing and destruction of property. They should sue for the exact amount that they lose to this family.

I think we all understand that parents can be upset when their kid is killed. Duh. However, don’t place blame on anyone but yourselves. Is it wrong to say that it was the kid’s fault? Because it was. He knew he shouldn’t be there. He knew it was illegal. And if he was as bright as everyone says, then he knew it wasn’t that safe. So guess what, it was your son’s fault that he was killed. Sorry, but that’s the truth. He made a bad decision that cost him his life. Plain and simple. A BIG mistake. So why take it out on the MTA?

Is SUBWAYblogger the only one furious about cases like these?

14 thoughts on “Parents of kid killed by train while doing graffiti on tracks plan to sue MTA

  1. I completely agree. People on their suing rampage has gone a little far. While I feel for the kid or anyone really who gets killed when it could of been avoided, it really isn’t MTA’s fault, that the kid decided to trespass, and cross the tracks. Even if the fence had been perfectly maintained, kids will find away to go where they don’t belong. I don’t see how MTA was directly responsible for their child’s death. Sometimes we have to take responsibility for our actions.


  2. This reminds me of the case where a man was robbing a home and he got injured, so he sues the family. Of course he won the case.


  3. Dude get off there nuts…i’m a writer and i bomb all the time…the kidd slipped up and died…you must not know whats it like to loose a son so shut the fuck up you blue collar prick ass mother fucker


  4. BEND – You’ve got to be kidding me.

    If the kid slipped and fell on the tracks as the train came by, ok fine. That’s sad.

    Hell, it’s sad that he died period.

    However, he was there committing a crime…vandalism. And he got killed in the process. Ok, still sad, fine.

    However, when your kid is killed while committing a crime and generally being a little punk, you have to have HUGE balls to go and sue the MTA for it.

    The parents should be sued for allowing their kid to be a punk. And clearly, everyone knew he was a tagger, and they didnt do anything about it.

    Ok, your kid was killed by a train, but at the end of the day, it was HIS FAULT…HIS MISTAKE. Dont try and take it out on someone else.

    Oh, and PS…blue collar? You wish.


  5. I was on the train behind the train that hit Ari Kraft. It took me four hours to get home because of this punk kid. They had to shut off all the power on the rails, so no power on the train. There was a freak heat wave in early January so my train was smoldering without AC. All bathrooms except one were out of order. Three hours later, when my train finally got moving after they cleared Ari’s bits off the tracks, my train broke down on its own and we waited another hour for guys to come by on foot and find the problem. My 5:32 train that was supposed to end up in Hewlett at around 6:15 got in at 10:00. Ari was just a vandal punk and his parents have no right to sue the MTA…although this happened over a year ago. Come to think of it, why was this brought back up?

    And BEND, I have a feeling your “bombs” suck ass since the outbreak of graffiti in NYC recently show zero talent. You’re a wannabe bomber and can’t write for shit. Plus, learn to spell. “Kidd”? “Loose”? You retard.


  6. okay…..fuck all you mother fuckers.
    ari made a mistake and what happened shouldnt have happened.
    its not fair to sit here and talk shit about him.. acting like yall aint got kids doing stupid shit. dont hate on ari for being talented while yall sit on the internet talkin shit bout a lil boy thats dead and his sad mourning parents. so just have some respect please.


  7. ARi kraft was my friend he was a wonderful good hearted kid that could always put a smile on your face everyone who knew him loved him he was smart funny and talented in all aspects.
    now i don’t know if he was a talented graffiti artist i only knew him from school and he would come to my house some times but for you guys to say he was an idiot and he deserves to die is just wrong. yes what he did was wrong but he didn’t deserve to die no one does only the worse people deserve to die murderers rapists not a 13 yr old boy who did graffiti near the train tracks


  8. ps- im not arguing with u guys about what he did all im asking is that you have a little more respect for the departed thats all and in my opinion that request isnt unreasonable considering they didnt sue mta after all that was a heat of the moment type of thing im also willing to bet that if anyone of your kids did what he was doing and got killed you would be pissed if online bloggers were talking shit about them so please a little more respect for
    ari kraft-RIP 1/5/07


  9. i lost many kids before.i lose kids everyday when i beat off. so i know how it feels to lose kids. so dont give me any damn bullshit. btww i knew ari, ben, there was no 911 bs murals it was toy wack horrible graffiti., they all sucked at writing. “corporal’ is sum fake bs that didnt exist and i dono what rip?


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