Subway Footlicker Gets Four Months


Joseph Weir, 23, was sentenced to four months in prision for sucking the feet of female subway riders.  I guess that’s fair.  He’ll have four non-stop months of big, hairy man feet to suck.  That’s justice served, right?

I know, I know…back up, and tell the story.

Ok, so this guy spent the last three years going up to random women on the subway.  He would grab their feet and suck on them while saying, “I’m not worthy.”  Yeah, gross.  Sometimes shoes on, sometimes not.  We would assume that there was more direct toe contact in the summer with sandals and all. 

Anyway, he was finally caught and now he’s off to prison.  Plus plenty of probation and fines.

2 thoughts on “Subway Footlicker Gets Four Months

  1. Do you realize, there is less than 1/4 an inch between your toes and that nasty skankiness on the subway platform? Skankines replete with vomit, urine, all kinds of mammal feces, and yes hockers from imigrants who’s culture-import is that it’s cool to hocker-and-spit non-stop, anywhere.



  2. Geebus, I looked again…

    Your left this-little-piggy-had-roast-beef and your right this-little-piggy-went-to-the-market look as if it’s too late for them!!! Wash!! Wash now!

    PS: That skirt scares us (that’s the royal us). What if there is a wind? lt’s all fun and games until your curtains are blown open!


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