Just gonna go out on a limb and say that this is really weird


Bravo TV, the new home of “Top” everything, has joined up with the MTA to promote its latest reality program, Top Design.  Designer Jonathan Adler is one of the show’s judges.  In a strange promotional move, the show has set up three fully designed rooms on the shuttle subway platform (aka the “S” train platform) at the Grand Central end of the line. 

Smack in the middle of the long concourse, there you will find living rooms complete with carpets, furniture, and accessories now through February 7th.

The MTA even did a TransitTrax podcast on the new show. 



Bravo is especially creative when it comes to the NYC show events it throws.  They’ve done things with Macy’s, Toys R Us, etc.  All of which have been good TV, and have resulted in excellent viral marketing returns.  So why the hell cant a little more creativity get thrown in the naming of the shows?  Top Design, Top Chef, etc.  You know they are itching to rename Project Runway to Top Drama Queens. 

One thought on “Just gonna go out on a limb and say that this is really weird

  1. (Curmudgeon alert)

    I’d be really happy if they stopped gumming up subway stations with non-transit uses.

    I go through GC on the S every day. They’ve done a pretty good job of keeping the Bravo installations from being a direct obstruction, but the people slowing down to check them out do mess up the flow of foot traffic. Personally I think the whole thing belongs upstairs in Vanderbilt Hall, where I can go see it if I feel like it (I don’t).

    Can my subway station be just a subway station, please? I mean, at least until they get all the kinks ironed out of the “transportation” part of its mission.

    This gripe also applies to cultists with “free stress tests,” people blocking the street-level doors to thrust free newspapers in your face, and the most space-hogging of the musicians.


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