NYC Transit is Getting the Shaft

Dirty Subway

Transit within New York City is (and has) been getting shafted for years.  The LIRR and MetroNorth have been receiving a disproportionate amount of funding from the MTA.  WTF?

City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr. issued a report on the MTA’s “State of Good Repair.”  Turns out, much of the systems in place for the subway and busses are anything but “good repair.”

Vital repairs to the city’s subway system are routinely postponed as suburban projects hog the MTA gravy train, the city comptroller charged yesterday.   —Says the Post.

Here’s the facts:

  • NYC Riders = 94% of the passenger load but only get 75% of the MTA’s budget.
  • 76 of the subways’ 201 fan banks, which are supposed to clear tunnels of deadly smoke in case of a fire, are not in good working condition and should be quickly replaced with newer, more powerful devices.
  • Many tunnels are poorly lit with 1930s-era incandescent lighting.
  • More than 40% of the lettered subway lines have 70-year-old signal equipment. Faulty signals are the second leading cause of delays.

So my fellow subway riders, that throbbing sensation you feel in your rear is the MTA bending us over and having their way with us.

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