The Sopranos ads take over subway


Every day it seems that there are more and more Sopranos ads for their debut on AE. You know what…quit toying with my emotions.

As a PAYING HBO subscriber, all I want to know is when the next 3 episode long season will air. This whoring out of HBO programming on cable is starting to bug me.

The campaign they have running on the subway has a sign that only says on it. Ooooo. How “viral” of them. What an original concept. I wonder what that site could possibly be about.

The subway seems to be a breeding ground for lame attempts at buzz marketing. Like the Secret deodorant ads, Sopranos, 6 Degrees, etc. I think they are missing the point.

Taking over an entire train or station with advertising isn’t buzz worthy. It’s just obvious that you gave a ton of cash to spend on buying worthless billboard ads.

Do a real subway viral marketing plan that is a little more creative. Maybe one that actually doesn’t screem LAME!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio… 

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